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Custom Application Development

Whatever you need, in whatever language, on whatever platform, Conversal has the experience and insights you need to make your next custom web application a success. Whether built on the CCS platform in Java, or using the .NET framework or other technologies in between, Conversal can provide the needed skills at every stage of the project. From creating the original idea for the project, through planning, execution, testing, deployment and launch, Conversal can assemble the perfect team for your needs.

Once again, our holistic approach is our advantage. By seeing the whole picture, both the forest and the trees, from 50,000 feet and from the ground, we can make your projects an all around success - on time and on budget.

The biggest problems with web projects, and indeed most IT projects, is that the right balance of humanity and technology is often skewed too far one way or the other. Over time, this inbalance creates mistrust and has a lasting negative affect on company operations, innovation and growth. It has been our experience that most technology projects fail for two primary reasons, the people have been left out of the process and communications among all stakeholders was weak.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide exceptional stakeholder communications that builds trust and ensures that problems are identified and solved prior to project completion. This is accomplished with a wide array of our primary skills such as archetyping, experience design, user testing, information architecture, intuition and most importantly, asking the right questions and listening to the genuine answers.

An additional and important component of our value to you is the ability to leverage the core CCS code for identity management, authentication, access control, file management and messaging. This allows us to complete your project in a fraction of the time it would take another developer to build it from scratch.

We don't take on many custom application projects these days, because we are committed to their success and most companies are truly not committed to doing it right. Whether due to time constraints, financial constraints or simply a lack of understanding, most companies just don't have the capability to do what needs to be done to be successfull for their brand and their stakeholders.

When we do take on projects though, we are able to assemble an international team of experts in their respective fields who will be truly committed to the project. By leveraging the best mix of resources, from Silicon Valley, India, New York, Austin or Europe, we are able to accomplish a great deal more for a lot less money.

Yes, we do outsource some of our code to India and have other resources we can utilize from other places around the US and the world at large. We do this because it makes sense. The code produced by our team in India (who we have been working with for over 2.5 years) is excellent and it is produced for a fraction of the cost it would be locally. That said, there are many portions of the process that simply can not be outsourced - the project components that require our holistic insights, our innovation/creative skills, our project management and our ability to question our clients regarding their "real" requirements. In seeing the whole picture, we see where we can get things done right, for the right price. After all, in the end, by lifting the world out of poverty, there will not only be a better world, but a better world that buys more of our goods and services.

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