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Conversal Communications System v3.3

The Conversal Communications System (CCS) provides enterprises with a flexible and cost efficient way for managing communications with partners, customers and external vendors via the Web. With CCS, your business can quickly deploy password protected Web sites with a robust user management tool, a secure document library, integrated email communications, basic reporting and content management with personalization. Distributing legal agreements, marketing collateral, sales tools and other sensitive documents to both external and internal users has never been easier. Basically, everything you need to communicate successfully with these groups is available in one package you can understand and easily operate yourselves without an army of "techies". If you need to, jump right into a functional overview, otherwise keep reading down the page to learn more.

Partners and Other Relationships
With each new partner comes a new communications challenge. Somebody has to talk to them, get them up to speed, and give them the tools they need to be successful -- ultimately making your company more successful. Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of this process is one of many ways in which Conversal can provide value to your company.

Having worked with many different groups managing numerous types of external relationships over the past decade, we have the experience and skills that will strengthen your communications, decrease the administrative burden and save you money while delivering a first class experience. The Conversal Communications System is the embodiment of this experience, containing the best practices that builds trust andd value in all types of relationships.

Solutions for Your Specific Needs
CCS is already configured for the most common types of relationships and can easily and inexpensively customized for whatever your specific needs may be. Some of the most common uses of our solution includes:

  • Channel/Reseller Communications
  • Developer Program Communications
  • Partner/Alliance Program Management
  • Client Extranets
  • PR/IR Web Sites
  • Customer Registration and Support
  • Intranets
  • Public Web Sites
  • Sales Lead Management
  • and much more...

CCS was developed using a "building block" strategy based on our core philosophy of "The Communications Startegy." Our holistic vision, coupled with our experience developing hundreds of web sites, is what sets this solution apart from the rest. This approach enables you to use CCS for one specific program, for an entire line of business or across your enterprise. With CCCS you can quickly and easily deploy a web site with password restricted access in any number of customized ways. Whether you utilize our services to do this for you, or your existing Java team, we guarantee that CCS will enable you to deploy a reliable extended relationship management system faster and cheaper than almost any other method.

In addition to CCS, Conversal has the ability to help you with holistic business strategy, convergence marketing, web site design and custom application development using almost any technology.


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