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Chris HeuerChris Heuer Chief Idea Guy, CEO - Founder
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Conversal’s founder, Chris Heuer, has been building Internet companies and helping companies leverage the Internet to improve business performance for over 9 years. Chris’ first project was founding an Interactive Agency and Local Content Network in 1994. Since then, Chris has been involved in the development of over 250 Web sites and Web applications, serving key roles in building several pure play Internet companies including Boldly Interactive that merged with in 1998 and Model Network, Inc. where he still serves on the Board of Directors.

In 1999, he served as the Chief of eBusiness at the United States Mint where he oversaw their growth in online sales from 0 to $1.8 million per week. At the Mint, Mr. Heuer worked with the head of the Mint, former Director Philip Diehl, to ensure congruency of operations at all levels of the eBusiness program. He also oversaw the development of all eCRM activities, played a key role in the launch of the award winning children’s web site “H.I.P Pocket Change” and managed the merchandising of the online catalog.

In late 1999, he left the Mint to start what is now Conversal, Inc. Chris’s Conversal experience includes working with technology leaders such as palmOne, Inc. and marketing communications leader Fleishman-Hillard.

In 1997, he launched the new media program at Miami Ad School, where he taught Interactive Marketing, Web Design and Multimedia. Chris’ desire to share knowledge while continuing to learn continues today through his work on his first book, “The Communications Strategy.” Conversal’s philosophy explained in the book has been developed over Chris’ 10+ years of experience working with eBusinesses. Mr. Heuer received a B.A. in Communications, Legal Institutions, Economics and Government from the American University in 1991.

On a more personal note, Chris loves life and enjoying every moment of every day, whether working, traveling the world or relaxing with a tough fought game of football on his PS2. But life isn't all fun and games... Chris has been on the path to spiritual enlightenment since a very young age, seeking a deeper understanding of the proverbial question "why are we here" in both the local and nonlocal states. Chris is currently in the process of becoming a certified Reiki Master to provide a healing hand for friends and more positive energy for business associates and clients. Chris believes that the biggest problem we face in the world today is that people think it will always be this way - many have forgotten their own personal power to make a difference. To this end, Chris wrote a call to arms for the disenfranchised and the believers entitled The Noble Pursuit. Recently, Chris began working on his first screenplay, a political thriller that is a cross between the TV show "Stargate SG1" and the movie "The Manchurian Candidate". In his down time, he spends quality time with his girlfriend Kristie and two cats, Ele and Ana.


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