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CCS Functionality Overview

In developing CCS over the past 2 years, we focused on the needs of non-technical users inside business units/departments who often did not get the support needed from their internal IT departments. From our own experience working inside similar organizations, we knew how important it was to enable these business units to accomplish their objectives with minimal administrative and technical overhead.

Functionally speaking, CCS is really broken into a handful of areas that are detailed further below:

  • User Management
  • Content Management
  • Document/File Management
  • Email Messaging

These are the building blocks that are truly common to almost all web sites. So why have a custom developer recreate the wheel for you, when we have already built it, tuned it and proven it spins smoothe and true?

User Management
CCS’s user database is designed to manage the relationships between your organization and the many other organizations with whom you do business. But rather then simply operate as a Partner Relationship Management system, CCS goes one step further by connecting the Partner’s account to a Web site, enabling you to customize the content they see, the email communications they receive and the documents they are able to access. Whether the partner organization has one location or a thousand, you can rest assured that your partners will find it easy to do business with you.

Content Management
Easily control what people see and when they see it with CCS’s proprietary content management system. Never before has it been so easy to deliver customized content to both external and internal users. Easily add new promotions, sales incentives, news announcements, articles, web links, document lists and more. With CCS you can configure the display of each page based on access rights and publishing schedule without the need for technical intervention or a CompSci degree.

Document Management
CCS’s Document Library enables you to store sensitive documents, media files and executables, making them viewable only for those who you want to view them. Why spend the time and money on distributing such documents via CD, or worse, printing them, when you can distribute via the Web for pennies on the dollar. CCS will save you thousands of dollars a year on distribution costs.

Email Messaging
It is obvious that email is the most common form of communications over the Internet, so CCS includes the ability to send out messages to all users of the system, or just to those within a group. The email newsletters, may also be archived on the site for those users who opt out of receiving them. Additionally, all of the system messages sent via email can easily be edited by any business users. The account management /password functionality is integrated with email, such that when a user account is created, or a request for access is approved, information on logging into the site is sent via email along with a dynamically generated password. Users can also request a forgotten password be sent via email.

Optional Modules

Web based FTP
CCS offers an optional module that enables the user to share files with each other based on even more finite rules for access control such as project ownership and folder level access. This functionality can be integrated with the Document Library or stand alone as a way for internal/external users to collaborate more efficiently on projects.

Editorial Story Manager
If you need to publish a lot of stories on your web site, and perhaps even have them searchable, this module will save you a great deal of time and effort. With a built-in basic approval work-flow, adding new stories to your web site has never been easier.

Catalogs, Solution Directories, Accessories Databases
CCS offer numerous other optional modules depending on the nature and needs of your business. Our Products and Accessories Module and Solutions Directory Module are of particular interest to companies with numerous 3rd party add-on or after market products.

CCS: The Bottomline
CCS streamlines the everyday workflow of sales and marketing organizations decreasing operational costs and improving the timeliness/relevancy of communications thereby increasing the organization’s ability to produce bottom line results.


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