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Do you have a new program to launch, an old program that needs new life or perhaps an entire line of business to grow? Conversal's holistic business strategy, web development, program management and communications services will ensure you are creating and communicating your genuine value in this world of Convergence and complexity.

Conversal has the right sort of entrepreneurial spirit to provide innovative insights that will differentiate your company from competitors while keeping your communications and program costs in line with revenue. Our flagship product, the Conversal Communications System (aka CCS), is the embodiment of web development, interactive communications and ebusiness strategy experience that goes back to the very beginning of the commercial World Wide Web -- Conversal's founder Chris Heuer has been working in this industry since early 1994 and with computers since he started programming in 7th grade.

We assist our clients in developing a genuine understanding of their customers and communicating with them authentically, from the heart of their business. "The Communications Strategy" is Conversal's unique understanding of Internet era business communications and relationship development that will take your CRM initiative to the next level. Our clients like palmOne and Fleishman Hillard Interactive are truly our extended family - can you honestly say that about your current web development and communications strategy vendors?

CCS is the web based communications management system developed for business users by business users - enabling you to take direct control of your online communications, web site contents, document library, email newsletters, promotions and much more. Why wait for your corporate bureaucracy to slowly respond to your needs when you can do it for yourself.


powereed by CCS 3.3 a limited source license
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